Lola’ Sanctuary was set up to provide love and safety to cats and dogs in need. The sanctuary’s first two cats, Lola and Pillo, were formerly used for breeding and discarded once they were no longer profitable. This is where our mission began, to provide a safe haven for animals to thrive without needing to exist for the sake of profit. 


We were then asked to take in strays who had been abandoned or neglected. They were welcomed into Lola’s Sanctuary because we didn’t want to see any animal suffer when we could create a better life for them. 



We carry these principles through our lives and are committed to promoting veganism as the only way to consistently respect every animal’s right to love, joy and safety. We aim to spread awareness of how we can all create better lives for animals. It is easy to understand why cats and dogs deserve this; every day we spend with these beautiful animals their unique personalities shine brighter, and we can clearly see that they feel emotion and pain. However, the disconnect created between ‘pet’ animals and ‘food’ animals obstructs our ability to see that cows, sheep, chickens, pigs all also have the capacity to feel joy and fear. Veganism recognises that all animals are sentient beings that deserve to live without fear, pain or for the profit of others. Like Lola’s Sanctuary, veganism aims to create a world where all animals can thrive. 


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At Lola’s Sanctuary, neutering animals is a top priority. Unfortunately, the number of unwanted and neglected cats and dogs has led many animal rescue centers to reach full capacity. Responsible animal caregivers play a crucial role by neutering their pets whenever possible, ensuring that every animal has the opportunity to find a loving home.
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